Whether you are a novice or an experienced rehabber, we have a loan program to fit your business goals!

Become a real estate investor with little or no out of pocket expense!

Start growing your rehab business today:

Complete the application to get started. Get “Proof of Funds”
Up on your final approval, we will provide you with “Proof of Funds” letters.

These letters will enable you to make competitive offers on your properties and prove that you are a REAL investor with approved funds available.

We will immediately start working on your loan for a 2 week closing. Because there are no interest payments for 6 months, you can focus on rehabbing your property! Rehab funds are advanced in draws, and wired directly to your account. The typical project is completed in 1-4 draws.

One of the advantages of setting up your capital in advance is the ability to do multiple deals without having to reapply each time!

Watch your rehab business grow - and your profits multiply - from the added volume of deals you can do.

Rehab Program Guidelines

Acquisition and Repair Money for the Real Estate Investor
(fast and easy!)

100% funding of the sale price and repair costs
No Down Payment required
Loans closed with-in 2 weeks
Never a Pre-payment penalty
"Proof of Funds" letter provided
Deferred Interest and Points Plans available

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