Build your credit

Steps to take to build your credit

Having a checking account is a must have.

1. Go to your local bank give them $500.00 or more for collateral, in return you receive a credit card with equal amount credit line. Or you can check out credit cards offer on-line

Make sure it is a credit card and not a debit card.

Use the credit card to pay for things that you would usually pay with cash (Gas, Grocery etc...)

Pay the bill in full each month. If you need to keep a balance on the credit card, keep it under 40 % of the credit limit.

After 6-12 months of paying your credit card bill as agreed you should be able to get your Collateral money back.

2. Get a $1,000 12 month CD from your local bank, take it over to the loan department using the CD for collateral and get a loan for $1,000.

Pay the loan as agreed.

Any amount will work $200, $500, $1000, etc... to build you credit. However, most mortgage lenders look at trade lines of $1,000 or more.

3. Best way to build your credit: Pay all your bills on time, many people think it is not late if they pay before the late charge (the grace period), that is not true late is late.

Help build your credit, check out what most Mortgage Lenders look for in a loan request

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