Commercial Property Mortgage Loan

Almost any Commercial property in almost any situations can get funded. There are many avenues to take to get a Commercial Real Estate loan:

Whether your background credit history is Good or bad credit even if you have had bankruptcy. If you are looking to Purchase a new business or refinance your commercial property for any reason, debt consolidation , purchase new tools , tax deductions or purchase a new car for your business etc...

Commercial Real Estate mortgage , Farm loans, Construction loan , Land loans, we can get your loan funded.

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Residential style approach to commercial real estate lending.

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Commercial Property Types:

Is a somewhat broad category and encompass a variety of uses that support the automotive segment. Included within this category are auto repair shops, used car lots, quick-lube facilities, tire repair shops, etc. The type and size of building will vary with the use. Many buildings are designed specifically for the auto trade characterized by overhead doors, car lifts and usually a small office area.

Bed and Breakfast Inns
Residential-type buildings designed for transient boarding and are family style in character. B & B inns are usually one structure but some may include an adjacent guest cottage with similar quality amenities as the main unit. Owner operators live on-site, usually within the main building.

Day Care Centers
Are early childhood, handicapped, adult, and senior care facilities; or developmental centers, such as kindergartens and nurseries.

Unflagged Hospitality
Hotels or motel properties with no national franchise affiliation are considered "unflagged." "Mom & Pop" style operators typically run these types of facilities and the quality and level of service varies considerably.

Flagged Hospitality
Hotels with national franchise affiliation are considered "flagged." Hotels must be in good standing with their affiliated franchise

Funeral homes
Include those used for viewing purposes as well as those that include embalming services.

Gas stations
Are automotive properties or any other property that dispenses any amount of fuel for retail sale. They may have an auto mechanic, convenience store and / or car wash component.

Health Care
Included in this category are all Assisted Living or Nursing Home types of operations where a license is required to operate the business. Quality and service levels vary considerably. Also included in this category are hospitals and medical treatment facilities, such as out patient care or walk-in emergency medicine.

Where the principle structure is designed for manufacturing processes, heavy assembly or involves the use of heavy machinery. It contains an average amount of office space commensurate with the quality of the building and the intended use. Their heavy frames, walls and floors, specialized manufacturing processes and power or utility-service characterize industrial facilities. Light industrial
Is characterized by a small size facility where no heavy manufacturing or specialized industrial process takes place. Office space within light industrial may range from 3% to 25% of the total area. Buildings must include sufficient plumbing and lighting to accommodate personnel. Common uses found in light industrial properties may include: cabinet making, assembly processes, home service industries, etc. Absent from these properties is any type of heavy machinery, welding operations, cranes or hazardous materials.

Mixed-use properties
Must contain at least one commercial unit (retail, office etc.), and at least one residential unit. Common types of mixed-use properties include a ground floor retail or office unit with apartment(s) above, all within the same building.

Mobile home parks
Not more than 25% of the total spaces are used for RV. Mobile home parks vary in quality and amenities and all will be considered unless the RV component is too high.

Structures containing five or more dwelling units with common area facilities such as entrances, lobby, elevators, stairs, mechanical space, walks or grounds. Units must be rented on a non-transient basis such that tenants consider their unit their permanent residence. Properties that offer weekly or monthly housing would not be considered multifamily properties.

Office buildings
Buildings designed for general commercial occupancy and are normally subdivided into smaller units. Office use implies a general business use that does not include retail, manufacturing or warehouse type operations.

Constructed for the purpose of preparation and sale of food and/or beverages, includes cafeterias, bars, and taverns, where design is of restaurant type.

Retail buildings
Designed for retail sales and display and usually have displays or decorative fronts. This retail classification encompasses a wide variety of uses including, but not limited to: markets, convenience stores, drugstores, department stores, big box retailers, barber shops, Laundromats, etc.

Commercial Property Mortgage Loan