Build your credit

Building and/or improve your credit is quicker and easier then most people think, even if with a bankrupt or foreclosure on your report.

Although negative factors can show up on your report for up to ten years, you can still improve it.

This site was created to help you understand what it takes to get your loan funded.

Please forward this information to family, friends and co-workers, they may be grateful that you provided them with some helpful information.

Keep in mind that’s what this site is about (Helpful information) to use as a guide.

A lot of people hurt their Fico/credit score just by trying to obtain a loan, calling brokers or lenders one after another getting turned down simply because of their Fico/credit score. Pulling your report to often will lower it. If you are looking for a loan with a big ticket price such as home loan, auto loan and etc.. it will not lower your Fico/credit score if done with in 15 days.

Understanding your credit report

Start building your Fico/credit score today