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If I only had one thing to say about Site Build It , it would be they over deliver. Hello, my name is Tony Chorrushi the Owner/Broker of The Loan Broker LLC.

I receive many calls a day, from people want to buy a new home. I don't keep track, but I would say about 95% of the calls I take, the person wanting to purchase a home, has no ideal what it takes to get funded. Day after day, calls after call, I pretty much tell them the same thing. Please don't get me wrong, I have no problem with helping people in answering questions. It's when I start sounding like a recording that gets me a little burned out.

I thought, if I just had a way to tell people the basics about what it took to get financing, and it didn't put me in the poor house trying to get the information out. Not only would it help many people trying to get financed, it would keep me from getting burned out.

Then I found this amazing company

Site Build It they show you how to build your own web site, step by step.

They even have it on video. Since I am not a computer expert and I don't have a lot of time to learn how to be master web designer.

Solo Build It was just what I needed, to get the Loan-Credit-Guide out for people to see.

I just watch the video, did the step by step guide. Working on it a few hours a day, ten days later my site was up and running.

The amazing part is that they showed me how to generate income from my site.

So thanks to Solo Build It, we have a win - win situation.

You get this free guide no strings attached. You don't even have to provide your e-mail address!

It cost me nothing to provide this information. Hey, I might even make a little cash off this site from the income it generates.

I truly believe with the help of Solo Build It someone could make a nice income, if they wanted to.

However, I am a Loan Broker, I like my job, so I’m pretty happy just to get the Loan-Credit-Guide out for free.

Check out, what most Mortgage Lenders look for in a loan request

Find what your looking for at the Loan-Credit-Guide on-site directory: Quality websites, Arts, Job Opportunities , Health , Pets , Education , Advice , Gifts and more!

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