Most people hurt their credit, just by trying to get a loan.

Whether a business, home mortgage, auto or personal loan. The less you know the more it could cost you!

Understanding your credit and knowing what lenders look for, will help you in obtaining financing. You don't have to be an expert in financing to get a good deal; you just need to know the basics.

In this FREE easy to understand Guide it will give you the basics to get approved, and show you how to build your credit.

Before you buy a new car or go house hunting for new home get some education on the process of getting funded and building your credit to get the best rates.

Whether you want to get a home mortgage , Commercial mortgage or buy a car. What ever your background or your credit history is, good or bad this credit guide can help you.

Pull you credit report and understand it, learn how to improve you credit score without paying someone to do it.

The old saying is “Banks will not give you a loan unless; you can prove you don't need it.” That’s not true; they just want you to be willing and able to pay the money back.

The biggest mistake some people do is they go find a house before they find out what it takes to get it funded.

The problem with that is they get fixated on the house. They just have to have it, what ever it takes to get it now! With some creative finance some deals can be done.

There was a guy that called, lets call him Mr. NOW.

Mr. NOW said, you might not remember me, but I came in your office about year and half ago. Page 2

Apply for a Commercial Property Loan today

Attention: Broker, Lender, Realtor and Real Estate Investor;

The Broker-Lender Network is the place to be. Professional Business People connecting and getting deals funded.

Remember it’s not always what you know, sometimes it who you know.

Make contacts, meet and make money.

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Looking for a commercial loan? Commercial Lenders have different programs, taking you loan request to the wrong lender could cost you more or even worse it could just waste your time.
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